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Rick's Fiream Academy of Detroit - Michigan CCW/CPL Classes - POB 805, Sterling Heights, Michigan, 48311, USA - (313) 733.7404
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[Our Chief Firearms Instructor teaching new students shooting stances.]
Guns make good equalizers.
[Our Chief Firearms Instructor teaching new students shooting stances.]
Women make good shooters.
[Our Chief Firearms Instructor teaching new students shooting stances.]
Check out his target.
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CCW/CPL Class Student Testimonials
The Following Are On File In Our Office:

"Rick, Sorry that it has taken me so long to thank you. Although the class alone can't protect me or my family from danger, it has improved our ability to defend ourselves. The techniques and information that we covered in the class have taught me to be more aware and prepared period. I am more confident and comfortable when I leave home, knowing that I'm better prepared to address potentially dangerous confrontational situations. Once again thank you and I look forward to Session II (Personal Protection Outside The Home Course)."
- Mr. A. L. Odell III, Auto Industry Employee, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48075

"Rick, Thanks for providing me this opportunity, it was very informative and I would definitely recommend your class to others. Take care!"
- Ms. M. Woods, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48034
NRA Personal Protection In The Home (CCW/CPL) Training Class - $160.00

If You Live, Work, Or Play In Detroit, You Need A CCW/CPL!

Detroit is the most violent city in the USA. Acording to the FBI's crime stats for the first half of 2007 - January through June - the following violent crimes occurred in Detroit: 210 murders, 357 forcible rapes, 3,445 robberies, and 6,539 aggravated assaults.

Stated another way, each and every single day within the Detroit city limits one (1) person will be murdered, two (2) people will be forcibly raped, nineteen (19) people will be robbed, and thirty-six (36) people will be victims of an aggravated assault. Also, be advised that these numbers only reflect crimes that were reported; criminals, as a rule, do not report crimes committed against them.

Recently, a publishing company - CQ Press, a division of Congressional Quarterly - released its annual crime study. They coronated Detroit as "The Most Violent City in America." The study, reportedly, was the result of an analysis of the crime statistics reported, by American cities with populations of more than 100,000, to the FBI.
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A Michigan Concealed Pistol License Is Now A Necessity In Detroit!

A Michigan CCW/CPL Permit allows you to carry a concealed firearm on your person (and in your vehicle) anywhere in the state of Michigan and 35 other states (except in designated zones) so that you may exercise greater responsibility over your own personal safety, the safety of your family, and the safety of other loved ones.

Regardless of your circumstances, whether it is a concern about rising crime rates in the city of Detroit and its surrounding suburbs, well-founded fears about the state releasing violent criminals early, troubles from an abusive ex-spouse or bothersome stalkers, or a sincere desire to learn more about personal protection, we can help you.

We Specialize In Training Students How To Safely Operate A Firearm!

We have trained metro-Detroit citizens from all walks of life how to safely handle, load, shoot, unload, and store firearms: teachers, housewives, registered nurses, hospitality employees, beauticians, real estate agents, lawyers, business owners, landlords, college students, social workers, and home-owners. We are confident that we can train you too!

No prior shooting or gun handling experience is needed! We train you from the ground up with safety being the number one concern. The Chief Firearms Instructor is also a NRA Appointed Training Counselor and an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO). As such, he has authorization to train law-abiding citizens to be NRA Certified Firearms Instructors, has been designated as qualified by the NRA to inspect and certify shooting ranges, and has the credentials to safely oversee and conduct shooting activities at a firing range.

We are so confident about our Michigan Pistol Safety Training Class that we offer an unprecedented 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back to any graduate of this training program! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Furthermore, we have a free lifetime retake policy. At any time in the future you can sit in on any of our classes for a free refresher! This allows you to feel confident when you finally decide to apply for your permit or apply for a renewal. We do ask that you call us beforehand (No certificate or supplies issued).
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Our Agenda Meets Michigan's CCW/CPL Educational Standards!

Our class is taught by NRA Approved Firearms Trainers and the legal portion of the class is taught by a Michigan licensed and state bar approved attorney who actively and currently practices in the fields of record expungement, lethal force, and self defense.

Other CCW/CPL class trainers use police officers to give the class legal advice as allowed by the state of Michigan. Don't be fooled! You should only receive legal advice from an attorney! There have been instances in which a justified self-defense shooting turned into a nightmare for the victimized homeowner just because he answered some "routine" questions from the attending police officers at the scene. You need to protect yourself not only from the criminals but also from overzealous police officers trying to increase their "collars" and District Attorneys needing increase their conviction rates.

The topics that will be addressed in our one-day Detroit Michigan CCW/CPL Training Class are listed as the following:
  1. Defensive Shooting (50 minutes)
    • Three Primary Gun Safety Rules
    • Ethical Responsibility
    • Proper Mindset Conditioning
    • States of Mental Awareness
    • Intruder/Assailant Confrontations
    • Intent of Shooting/Stopping Threats
    • Realities of Shooting Encounters

  2. Handgun Skills (180 minutes)
    • Range Safety Briefing
    • Rules for Using and Storing a Handgun
    • General Range Safety Rules
    • Defensive Accuracy
    • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
    • Elements of Good Shooting Positions
    • Two-Handed Standing Shooting Positions
    • Sight Alignment and Flash Sight Picture
    • Cover versus Concealment
    • The Tueller Drill
    • Thirty (30) Round Target Qualification

  3. Legal Topics (60+ minutes)
    • CCW Application Process
    • CCW Disqualifying Factors
    • Record Expungement
    • Pistol Free Zones
    • Deadly Force & The Law (Case Studies)
    • Castle Doctrine & the Duty to Retreat
    • Michigan's New "Stand Your Ground" Laws
    • Self Defense vs. Fighting
    • Police Stop Encounters
    • Gun Sales & Transfer of Ownership
    • Posession and Transportation of Handguns
    • Safety Inspection/Gun Registration
    • Shooting Aftermath/Statements to Police

  4. Home Safety/Violent Encounters (60 minutes)
    • Personal and Home Safety Tips
    • Emergency Plan for Break-in Response
    • Police Arrival Considerations
    • Emotional and Legal Aftermath Issues
    • Safe Storage of a Handgun

  5. Handgun Selection (30 minutes)
    • Handgun Feature Considerations
    • Revolver vs. Semi-automatic Handgun
    • Handgun Ammunition Considerations
    • Handgun Purchasing Considerations
    • Handgun/Personal Protection Accessories

  6. Sports Shooting Opportunities (20 minutes)
    • Shooting Activities
    • Additional Training Options
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Our Michigan CCW/CPL Training Class Provides Unmatched Value!

The tuition investment for our "Personal Protection In The Home (CCW/CPL) Class" is $160.00 and includes the following items:
  • Professional Teaching and Shooting Instruction From a NRA Certified Instructor
  • Public One Hour Presentation by a Michigan State Bar Approved Attorney ($300 value)
  • One-on-One Target Qualification Shooting Instruction at the Range
  • Accomodations & Seating in Comfortable Hotel Conference Training Room
  • Free One Year Telephone Consultation & Support on Firearm Ownership ($100 value)
  • Automatic Admission into our Firearms Training Referral Rewards Program
  • Reduced Subscription Rate on a Full Year's NRA Regular Membership ($10 value)
  • NRA Education and Training Materials
    • 225 page NRA Personal Protection Textbook
    • NRA Marksmanship Competition Guide
    • NRA Firearm Safety Brochure and Poster
  • NRA Handgun Safety Examination, Administration, & Grading Fee
  • Framable NRA Certificate of Completion
  • State of Michigan CCW Application Packet
  • Voucher For Free One Half-Hour Coaching Session ($25.00 Value)
  • Voucher For Discounted Tuition For A Friend ($25.00 Value)
  • Voucher For Free Shipping w/Purchase of NRA Approved Gun Safe ($30.00 Value)
  • Free Class Re-Take Policy For Refresher Or Renewals ($75 Value)
  • Free One-Year "Liberty" NRA Membership ($20.00 value - for the first five registrants)
    • $5,000 Worth of Accidental Death and Dismembership Insurance Coverage
    • $1,000 Worth of Firearm Insurance Coverage Against Loss, Theft, or Damage
    • Eligibility to join the NRA Prescription Drug Coverage Plan
    • Member Discounts on Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel, & More
    • Two Official NRA Membership Decals
    • Official Wallet-Sized NRA Membership Card
    • The Defense of Your Right "to keep and bear arms" per the 2nd Amendment
  • Unlimited Free Coffee Served Throughout The Classroom Session.
Note: Range time, handgun rental (if applicable), and ammunition are available for a nominal fee at the target range. If you do not own a handgun or ammunition, expenses - including range time and a paper target - will cost you an additional $40 that is payable to the range.

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