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"Rick, Sorry that it has taken me so long to thank you. Although the class alone can't protect me or my family from danger, it has improved our ability to defend ourselves. The techniques and information that we covered in the class have taught me to be more aware and prepared period. I am more confident and comfortable when I leave home, knowing that I'm better prepared to address potentially dangerous confrontational situations. Once again thank you and I look forward to Session II (Personal Protection Outside The Home Course)."
- Mr. A. L. Odell III, Auto Industry Employee, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48075
"Rick Ector's firearm safety class provides a comprehensive introduction to the possession and use of firearms for personal defense. The knowledge gained in this class is invaluable to both novices and experienced firearm owners. Mr. Ector's sincere presentation of the materials is insightful and serves as a reminder of the care and safety which must be exercised when using firearms. The course is taught in a comfortable environment which is not intimidating to the first-time gun user. Any gun owner can benefit from taking this course."
- Mr. J. Boyer, Attorney At Law, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48207
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17 Gift Ideas To Buy Gun Owners - By Rick Ector

17 Gift Ideas To Buy Gun Owners

It's Christmas time and you know what that means! Presents! Yes, it's that time of the year when we show our appreciation and love for the people in our lives by opening our wallets and purses to buy them gifts. Some people are easy to buy gifts for; others can be trickier.

For example, what do you buy the "gun enthusiast" in your family or close circle of friends? If you are not a firearm owner, you may be reluctant to find that special gift which effectively demonstrates "thoughtfulness." You just don't know what they might want. Well, worry no more! This article will suggest several gift ideas for your gun-toting relations and buddies! Buying a gift on this list for the gun-owner you know will earn you major cool points - for a non gun owner!

In no particular order, I would suggest the following gift ideas for gun owners:

Hurry! There's only a few shopping days until Christmas!

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