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CCW/CPL Class Student Testimonials
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"Rick, Sorry that it has taken me so long to thank you. Although the class alone can't protect me or my family from danger, it has improved our ability to defend ourselves. The techniques and information that we covered in the class have taught me to be more aware and prepared period. I am more confident and comfortable when I leave home, knowing that I'm better prepared to address potentially dangerous confrontational situations. Once again thank you and I look forward to Session II (Personal Protection Outside The Home Course)."
- Mr. A. L. Odell III, Auto Industry Employee, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48075
"Hello Rick. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Just to let you know, I've got my CCW license and I bought a 9mm S+W (M&P) semi-automatic. I had intentions of getting a revolver, but after seeing and shooting your semi-automatic, I changed my mind. As for your class, I found that you were not only knowledgeable but you were also enthusiastic. What really impressed me was the fact that when we went to the gun range, I was a little short on money, you were kind enough to let me use your gun. This is what convinced me to buy a 9mm. I appreciate your help and I would (and do) recommend your class to anyone wanting to get their permit. Thank you."
- Mr. C. W. Miller, Retiree, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48219
"Rick Ector's firearm safety class provides a comprehensive introduction to the possession and use of firearms for personal defense. The knowledge gained in this class is invaluable to both novices and experienced firearm owners. Mr. Ector's sincere presentation of the materials is insightful and serves as a reminder of the care and safety which must be exercised when using firearms. The course is taught in a comfortable environment which is not intimidating to the first-time gun user. Any gun owner can benefit from taking this course."
- Mr. J. Boyer, Attorney At Law, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48207
"Hey Rick! I want to thank you for providing such a vital service to the community. Everyone who cares about their safety and their freedom needs to be educated on how best to secure both, and I can't think of anyone better equipped to teach them than you. Your class was very informative, and as the instructor you were very knowledgeable on every aspect of gun ownership and usage and very patient with the many questions I asked - and had a ready answer for all of them! I would certainly - and have already - suggest anybody looking for a CPL go to you first."
- Mr. B. Tilley, Eastpointe, Macomb County, Michigan 48021
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How To Renew A Michigan CPL - By Rick Ector

How To Renew A Michigan CPL

No Additional Training Classes Are Required

Occasionally, I receive phone calls from persons inquiring about my "Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Renewal Classes." Let the truth be told, I don't have one available for students to take for the simple fact that the state of Michigan does not require it for CPL renewals. That fact, however, doesn't stop the charlatans and con artists in the firearms training field from "suggesting" it to prospective students.

I believe that honesty is truly the best policy. Accordingly, I would not feel right registering someone for a CPL Class that he did not have to take unless he was apprised of that fact and made the conscious decision to still take the class because it made sense for him to do so. Besides, I am just honored that he elected to contact me instead of calling the firearms instructor that originally trained him. That subject alone could be the basis of another article.

Many people, when their CPLs are about to expire, make an informed decision to retake the Basic Pistol Training Class for principally two reasons. For one, they know that in the relatively short few years that they have had their CPL, the laws governing the permit have changed sufficiently to justify a re-take. Furthermore, many people elect to re-take the class because they haven't fired their firearm since their original training class and want to brush up on their shooting skills under the oversight of a gun safety expert.

The CPL Renewal Process And Considerations

Renewing a Michigan Concealed Pistol License is a fairly straight forward process. As before, the person must submit a completed CPL Application at the County Clerk's Office in the county in which they currently reside - even if the county is different from the county which issued the original permit.

Be advised that at least one major metro-Detroit county web site has an outdated application on its web site which may not be accepted when you show up to turn it in for processing. You should always download the application from the Michigan State Police web site for principally this reason. The application should be submitted with enough lead time to allow "normal" processing. For most Michigan counties, you want to re-apply at least three months before your current permit expires.

As an aside, I spoke with one of my students today, from perhaps the slowest county in the state, who informed me that it took her nine months to get her permit in the mail. If she had talked to me months ago, I would have advised her of certain rights she had under the statute.

Furthermore, the application fee for renewals is exactly the same amount for first-time licenses: $105. Obviously, the state of Michigan is making a few bucks in generated revenue with this process; the state of Indiana only charges $75 for its CPL and it's good for a life-time unlike the relatively short time period of five years in this state.

After you pay your application fee, fold and staple your receipt to your current CPL. Depending on which county you reside, you may one day need to prove that your "expired" CPL is still being evaluated for a renewal.

Moreover, you will be required to sign a statement that you have reviewed your original Basic Pistol Safety Training Class educational materials for at least three hours AND that you have visited a target range and practiced firing a firearm for at least one hour within the last six months immediately preceding the date you submit your CPL renewal application. With respect to the shooting requirement, I know of at least one county that wants to see an applicant's receipts from the target range.

On the positive side of the renewal process, you will not have to be re-fingerprinted if the last time your prints were taken occurred after January 1, 2006; this was the date that the Michigan State Police started storing CPL applicant fingerprints with their "automated fingerprint comparison system."

Good Luck!

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